About Us and the Monument


     The Wright Image Group was incorporated in April 2005 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our objective is to raise an iconic monument that symbolizes the birth of a revolutionizing industry - aviation - and the leadership role that Dayton and Ohio have always held in that industry. We are a volunteer group of business people, managers, engineers, architects, pilots, lawyers, and aviation enthusiasts dedicated to making this monument a reality.


     In October 1905, on the plains of Huffman Prairie near Dayton, Orville and Wilbur Wright finally succeeded in developing the aircraft they first demonstrated could fly on the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903.  Their first flight of 120’ on December 17th was the culmination of a process they had begun in 1898, to demonstrate powered and controlled flight. However, it was only the beginning of the process to develop the first practical airplane - one that could remain aloft under the control of its pilot until it ran out of fuel. They continued to work, and they finally succeeded on Huffman Prairie in October 1905. “… as the glow of the last days of summer transformed into early autumn, two most unusual men, in a not very likely place, transformed a remote farm pasture, and the State of Ohio, into The Birthplace of Aviation.” {Article by Louis Chmiel, “Wright Brothers and Flyer - The Soul of Dayton.”}

     The southwest corner of Ohio developed a rich aviation heritage in the years that followed. So much so, that eight of its counties have been designated by federal law a National Aviation Heritage Area. Ohio’s aviation legacy began with the industry’s birth, and has continued with the state holding a dominant leadership position in the industry ever since. That legacy will stretch as far into the future as the imagination can reach.

     This achievement of flight is unique to Dayton, Ohio. The Wright Brothers patented the airplane they finished testing in 1905, the Wright Flyer III, and its silhouette became famous throughout the world. It symbolized innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, tenacity, and leadership.  It is also the symbol we have chosen for our monument. We will hold it up for the world to see, 270’ high, soaring over the intersection of two major interstate highways near Dayton. With a wingspan of 144’ it will inspire millions of people throughout the world, reminding all that Ohio is the birthplace of aviation. We call it, simply, the “Triumph of Flight©.” 

Please continue your familiarization with the Triumph through the following video:

The Triumph of Flight will be located on the southwest corner of the intersection of I-70 and I-75, a few miles north of Dayton, and will be visible up to three miles away to vehicles moving east, west, north or south - more than 53 million of them each year!


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     The base of the  pedestal will rise gracefully out of a reflecting pool, anchored by multiple cables giving it the appearance  of flight.  Lighted internally, it will inspire all who see it, day or night.  Surrounding the reflecting pool will be segmented curvilinear walls that will hold etched images and bronze reliefs depicting momentous achievements in the evolution of flight from the time of the Wrights  until today.
      Visitors will pass through a grand entrance with a bronze relief of Ohioan Neil Armstrong taking mankind's first step on the moon.  Bronze statues of Wilbur and Orville, seated on the entrance steps, will bridge the gap between the dream of flight and the amazing realities of its achievements today, welcoming visitors and presenting the first of many dazzling photo opportunities.  On the north side of the grand entrance will be a 10,000 square foot indoor facility housing a STEM learning center, space for exhibitions, a presentation theater, and a planned Ohio Aviation Hall of Fame.
     This "Evolution of Flight" Park will imbue visitors with a sense of reverence and awe while imparting an appreciation of the magnitude of human achievement in aviation and aerospace. 


Our Board of Directors meets monthly, supported by separate committee meetings and an open membership meeting in December of each year for the election of directors. We are always looking for new talent and fresh ideas, so if you are interested in assisting,


Walt Hoy

Curt Nelson 
Executive Director 
George Gianopulos
Vice President - Development
Steve Brown
Vice President - Design & Engineering
Jacqie Nawroth
Franz Hoge
Linda Ohlmann Kahn
Byron Kentner 
Tom Kleptz
Shayna Kolodesh 


Amanda Wright Lane

Al Leland

Ralph Link

Anthony Perfilio

Ed Phillips

Judge Walter Rice 

Directors Emeritus 
Jon Kurtz
Marshall Ruchman
Bob and Sally Ruh
Toula Stamm