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Please help us build this inspiring symbol of the birth of aviation and the beginning of the world-wide aerospace industry!  Help us "brand" Ohio as the place where that happened!  Help us show the world that Ohioans have claimed their aviation heritage birthright!  Be a part of something bigger than life that people will travel hundreds of miles just to see and be able to say, "I stood beneath the Triumph of Flight."
Since the Triumph of Flight project was launched, we have received contributions from over 500 individuals, businesses, and organizations.  Those supporters have funded design, engineering, testing, approvals, artwork, brochures, videos, fundraising, administration, and a variety of other expenses.  They have brought us to the threshold of building the monument.  The final and most critical step is finding a major donor to kick off our capital campaign.  However, our expenses continue as we search for that major donor.  Please help us make America's newest monument a reality.
     For all donations of $1,000 or more we will list the donor on the "Our Supporters" page of this website, and inscribe the donor's name on the Donor Wall at the Grand Entrance to the Evolution of Flight Park surrounding the monument.  Donor's names will appear in a tier commensurate with the cumulative total of their donations.  (See the "Our Supporters" page for a description of the tiers.)  The initial tier, called "Flight Team" is for donors of a cumulative total between $1,000 and $9,999.  The letters in donor names will increase in size as the donations increase in size.  
Consider Joining Our Flight Team 
Over 150 of our supporters have committed to a special type of donation by making a $1,000 "Join the Flight Team" pledge, which entails a cash donation of at least $200 and the balance pledged at $200 per year for the next four years.  Flight Team members' names will be listed on our website and recognized on the monument's Donor Wall as described above.  To Join the Flight Team, click this link,
download and print the form, and follow the directions. 
Or, Consider Making a Larger Gift,
or Even Sponsoring Features in the Park

Should you desire, you may also sponsor specific parts of the monument itself in return for permanent recognition at the site.  We will determine an appropriate method of recognition in full consultation with you.  For this type of donation, please "Contact Us" to discuss your desires.  A representative of the Wright Image Group will get in touch with you.

If neither of these options are for you, and you wish to make just a simple, straightforward donation, go to the bottom of  this page and press the "Donate" button.  An online donation form will appear.  Please fill out at least all the mandatory entries.  Clicking on the “Submit” button will take you to PayPal where you must log in to your account to complete the donation.  If you do not have a PayPal account, or prefer not to use PayPal, you may then choose instead to make a check out to the Wright Image Group, Inc. and mail it to:
Wright Image Group, Inc.
1605 N. Main St
Dayton OH 45405
     You will receive emails from both the Wright Image Group and PayPal (if used)  confirming your contribution.