Memberships in the Wright Image Group are important to us for many reasons. They provide us a means to tap into the energy and support of the hundreds of people who are interested in this project. They provide the funding we need for day-to-day operations. They give us a way to assess the extent to which the Dayton region is aware of and supports the project.  They also give us your contact information so we can keep you informed of our progress and any upcoming events!

The benefits are simple. You will receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter, and an invitation to attend our annual membership meeting at which you will be entitled to vote for the Directors that we elect or re-elect each year.

We encourage you to join us as a member! Start by filling in the form below with your contact information, and click “send” to email it to us. You may then use your own PayPal account to pay your membership dues by clicking the “Join” button under the type membership you want, or simply wait for some one from the WIG to contact you directly.

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